Russell Brand 'Caught' With Playboy Twins In Carpark In Los Angeles

Carla and Melissa Howe picked out of audience by horny comedian

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He's usually pretty successful with the ladies, but it seems Russell Brand's star power got in the way of a hot hook-up with Playboy twins Carla and Melissa Howe as paparazzi scared off the star just as he was asking them to come home with him.

Poor Russ!

The lothario noticed the buxom pair in the audience of his stand up show on Tuesday night and allegedly arranged to meet up with them in the carpark afterwards – classy.

Carla told The Sun: “The lights came on during the show and some American girls started screaming at him.

“He told them they were weird and he wasn’t interested, then he picked us out afterwards. One of his team told us to wait outside and Russell pulled up."

Revealing Russ' pulling technique she went on: “He wound down his window and told us how nice we looked. He couldn’t believe we were twins.”

We bet he couldn't! But the proposition of an evening with twins soon slipped away as paps turned up to catch him at work.

Carla and Melissa Howe - Russ' potential dates (WENN)

The Playboy babe explained: “Russell said he was going home and asked us if we’d come along. But as soon as a photographer turned up he took our numbers and drove off."

Admitting she was gutted about missing out on becoming a notch on Russ' well worn bed post, she added: “The snapper ruined the meet but, yeah, most girls would have got in the car.”

Well he has their numbers, we reckon they could be getting a call soon!

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