New Bond Girl Naomie Harris Loved Sexy Scene With 'Very Hot' Daniel Craig

Skyfall star wants to be 'equal' to men, even 'super-fit' Daniel

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Naomie Harris seems to be relishing the chance to play a Bond girl in the new movie 'Skyfall', but very much wants to be an equal to Daniel Craig's James Bond, rather than the mere love interest that previous female stars have been in the past.

However that doesn't mean that the actress isn't keen on sex scenes with the "super-fit" 007 star, and spoke of how much she enjoyed a sexy shaving scene with the star.

In an interview with the Daily Mail she said: "I do get to have a lovely moment with him, where I try to seduce him. I shave him and he’s got his shirt off. He’s a very hot guy, definitely. He worked out for two hours every day after filming. Two hours."

Harris added: "And we did really long days, so he’s super-super-fit. He’s a real Bond in real life – very physical, capable and energetic."

Naomie Harris in a poster for 'Skyfall' (Photo: Sony Pictures)

The 36-year-old, who plays MI6 field agent Eve in the 23rd film in the spy series, wasn't content to be mere eye candy though, stating that her character would very much be a match for the movie's men.

Harris said of her character, "She’s very intelligent and highly ambitious – her aim is to be as capable as James Bond. It’s much more evolved, much more reflective of how women are now – multifaceted, multidimensional and equal to men.

"It’s amazing, sometimes, you watch other movies and you think, 'Wow, are we really still there… where the woman’s offering the drinks and there’s nothing more to her?'"

So with sex appeal, seduction and taking the men on at their own game, it seems that Eve is set to be a fascinating ally for Mr Bond.

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