Lady Gaga Shocks Fans As She Does A Madonna And Brands Machine Gun Onstage

What will she do next?

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Lady Gaga may not want to collaborate with Madonna but she doesn't mind taking a few prop inspirations from the singer for her latest Born This Way Ball tour.

The 'Marry The Night' singer has never been afraid of shocking fans, from her meat dress to weed smoking antics but during her show in Milan, Gaga may have taken things too far when she stepped onstage with machine gun.

Lady Gaga steps out with machine gun in Milan (Splashnews)

Emerging from a stone castle during her set the singer was pictured wearing flowing white gown, matching fur coat and to top it all off she held a giant machine gun.

Has Gaga learnt nothing from Madonna? (Splashnews)

Earlier this year, Madonna faced a backlash from fans after she defied a ban on waving guns on stage at her Murrayfield gig.

The Queen of Pop ignored warnings from officials as she waved her pistol and AK47 rifle during a performance in Murrayfield, a mere 36 hours after the cinema massacre at 'The Dark Night Rises' premiere in Denver.

Madonna's relationship has been strained since Gaga released 'Born This Way' and Madonna repeatedly compared it to her 1989 hit 'Express Yourself'.

Despite this, Madonna told fans at her concert in Atlantic City: “I love her – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Oooh we hope Gaga and Madonna can bury the hatchet sometime soon. After all they’re both excellent in their own right!

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