Twilight Secret Revealed! Nikki Reed Spills The Beans On Surprise Ending

Twi-hards to be rewarded...

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Twilight Secret Revealed! Nikki Reed Spills The Beans On Surprise Ending
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‘Twilight’ is going to end with a huge surprise, and now actress Nikki Reed has revealed the big secret.

Nikki has revealed that director Bill Condon is going to include a bonus scene after the final credits for the hit vampire franchise for all the Twi-hards, and it will see the whole cast perform a choreographed dance.

Talking to MTV News, Nikki admitted that she didn’t know for sure, but that she reckons that the dance will be included by Condon.

“If it’s what I think it is, it’s really awesome. It was a surprise moment on set that was pretty incredible,” she said. ''That day, there were about 150 of us, and we all came together and surprised Bill, so I hope it's that thing.”

She also added: ''It took a couple of practice runs [for us to learn it], and we had one drill sergeant who was in charge of gathering everyone. I got really into it. I was so into it that I wanted to be in the front row.''

Nikki has spoken out after fellow castmember Kellan Lutz revealed that there was going to be a “really special” extra scene for Twi-hards to celebrate the end of the hit franchise.

''They're really going to love it, and Bill even told me to tell fans to stay for the credits - a really special thing is happening after the surprise ending,” Kellan teased.

''Every film's been building and building, and Bill Condon really had a great idea with ending the series with 'Breaking Dawn 2' and just adding a little more flavour to parts of the book that weren't there, but he elaborated more on.”

He also added: ''I think the fans are really going to enjoy it. We don’t know how we’re going to wait until November for 'Breaking Dawn Part II’.

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