Agyness Deyn On 'Pusher', Scientology And Being A Wife

'I love being a wife,' she says

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Agyness Deyn On 'Pusher', Scientology And Being A Wife
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Agyness Deyn was once crowned model of the year at the British Fashion Awards, but now the model is set to make a serious move into the film industry with her first lead role in her new movie ‘Pusher’.

The 29-year-old shocked us by seeing her as a cocaine-sniffing stripper in the movie, but what also left us open-mouthed was her secret marriage. In a interview with the Evening Standard, Agy opened up about their relationship.

“It’s so f***king cool! I love being a wife. We’ve known each other for a while,” she said of her husband, Giovanni Ribisi. The pair married in secret earlier this year after dating for several weeks. “But when you know, you know … He’s f***ing awesome.”

The British babe talked about her whirlwind marriage to Ribisi – and their ‘honeymoon’ behaviour, and those PDA-packed pictures.

“It was really funny, ’cause we got back from work and then we were like, let’s go for a walk. And we were snogging outside our house! It was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve missed you, how’s it going?’” she said.

“So we were having a proper make-out session! Then my mum was on the phone: ‘There’s a picture of you and Giovanni in’t paper snogging!’”

Ribisi, who is particularly well known for his role in 'Gone In 60 Seconds' as well as playing Pheobe’s brother in Friends, is also a Scientologist, and this has reportedly sparked rumours that Agyness is set to convert.

“No!” she said, but when trying to answer she continued: “That’s the whole thing. You meet someone and you fall in love with them … Like, I’d go live in a tent if I had to with him.”

The ‘Pusher’ star then continued to touch on Scientology’s most famous follower, Tom Cruise and his recent split from Katie Holmes.

“I do know from personal experience stuff that’s written is not always true. The whole Cruise and Katie thing, it’s like, oh, you know, it didn’t work out, you know what I mean?” she said.

“I have other friends, couples that [split that] have been together for a while and then they’re like, cool, we have kids, we’re gonna bring them up, that’s fine … But you never know what’s going on.”

When asked to reassure Brits that she wasn’t being ‘brainwashed’, she said: “The people who are saying this, have they ever read a book? Do they all know what it’s about?”

Fair point Agy.


Who knew supermarkets could be so sexy? Agyness Deyn and her husband Giovanni Ribisi pucked up whilst food shopping, September 20 (Photos: WENN)