Britney Spears’ Wedding To Jason Trawick Called Off?

New report claims that Trawick has bought a bachelor pad…

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Britney Spears’ Wedding To Jason Trawick Called Off?
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Britney Spears might be making some serious decisions when it comes to contestants’ future on the X Factor USA, but according to a new report, her fiancé Jason Trawick has been making an important one about their future together, after he’s allegedly bought himself a bachelor pad.

According to the report by In Touch magazine, Jason and Britney have been having a tough time because he “seems more interested in partying and plotting Britney Spears’ career than marrying her”.

It even claims that the couple, who got engaged earlier this year, called off their plans for a wedding.

“Britney was ready to marry Jason even before he popped the question,” an alleged friend told the magazine, before adding: “10 months after promising Britney the world, it appears Jason has no intention of reciting wedding vows.”

The insider also claims that “Jason has purchased a bachelor pad in Hollywood”, and is spending more time with his pals than with the X Factor judge and her children.

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live in September, the magazine claims that Britney “dodged questions about a wedding date”, and has even been “spotted without her engagement ring”.

A source has told Gossip Cop that Britney would not reveal a wedding date on Kimmel’s TV show, and that Trawick has not bought a “bachelor pad”.

Also, worth to note that the image used for the In Touch report shows Britney at a hand-printing ceremony, where she removed her engagement ring.

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