'Hey Jude' Voted Best Beatles Song In BBC Poll

Public vote on the 50th anniversary of first single 'Love Me Do'...

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'Hey Jude' Voted Best Beatles Song In BBC Poll
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'Hey Jude' has been named the best Beatles song in a poll by BBC Local Radio.

It topped a poll of more than 12,000 listeners, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the release of first Beatles' single, 'Love Me Do' on 5th October 1952.

The song was most recently performed by Paul McCartney at the end of the phenomenal Olympics opening ceremony, and has always been a staple singalong at many major British musical events.

It was originally composed by Paul McCartney as a message to John Lennon's son, Julian, after Lennon's breakup with Cynthia Lennon.

At the time of its release, it was the longest single ever to top the charts at over seven minutes long. It did not appear on any of The Beatles' albums.

According top the poll, the top five favourite Beatles songs are Hey Jude, Yesterday, Let It Be, All You Need Is Love and Eleanor Rigby.

The top 10 list is completed by Here Comes The Sun, The Long And Winding Road, She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand and Strawberry Fields Forever.

Strangely, no songs from Rubber Soul, A Hard Day's Night, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or White Album made it into the top 10, even though they're some of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time.

Celebrating Paul McCartney's 70th Birthday.


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At 70 'Macca' is still going strong, in April this year he was in Brazil playing to a his South American fans, as part of his 'On The Run' Tour.