Macy Gray Goes 'Natural' With No Make-Up Or Wig For 'The Paperboy'

The 'I Try' singer was banned from donning wig or make-up for her latest role in the erotic thriller

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Macy Gray was starved of star treatment during the filming of her latest film 'The Paperboy'. The R'n'B singer, who was alledged to have bagged the role after US megastar Oprah turned it down, was made to go 'natural' and banned from wearing make-up or a wig.

Director Lee Daniels told The Hollywood Reporter: "Let me tell you, this is the funniest. We're experimenting with wigs. So she's in the make-up trailer, hair trailer, and there's this row of eight or nine wigs. And she's sitting there all excited about which Diana Ross wig from the '70s she's going to put on."

But Macy Gray was unaware of the 'look' director Daniels had in mind until he broke it to her on set: "She had a stocking cap on, and I go, 'Uh uh, you're going out just like this...' She said, 'Please don't make me. Please don't make me.' I said, 'Not only that, she's not going to wear any make-up.' She said, 'Please!'

"And she was literally grabbing my leg as I was walking out of the trailer. I was kicking her off like a dog. I laugh at that moment. It's a typical moment in the making of any film of mine. It's a fun memory."

Macy Gray was prepared to put up a fight with director Lee Daniels over the ban (WENN)

Poor Macy, now you know how we feel on a Sunday morning after a heavy night out.

And it's not the first time a Hollywood star has undergone a dramatic 'make-under' with Lee Daniels' orders to follow- R&B superstar Mariah Carey went bare-faced to play a social worker in 2009's Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire.

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