One Direction's Niall And Liam 'Still Have Majority Of Rent Paid By Simon Cowell'

Mr Cowell's company Syco are picking up the boy's tab despite their millions

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One Direction's Niall And Liam 'Still Have Majority Of Rent Paid By Simon Cowell'
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It was recently reported that One Direction have amassed a staggering  fortune of £100 million in just two years but according to sources two of the boys are STILL having their rent paid for them!

Yep, apparently Liam Payne and Niall Horan are still sponging off their management as reports claim that boss Simon Cowell is picking up the majority of the bill for their plush London digs.

Liam and Niall are the only members of the band still living in the north London complex their label Syco provided for them two years ago.

"Only Niall and Liam are left and they still pay just a fraction of the rent, with management picking up the rest of the tab," a source tells The Sun.

"The rent they are paying is a token amount because their bosses want to teach them they'll have to pay all of their rent at some stage."

Liam and Niall have waved off their bandmates Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles who have all left the apartment block for their own homes.

Harry recently splashed out £3 million on a new bachelor pad in London whilst Louis spent £2.5 million on a property not far from Hazza's new home earlier this summer.

It looks like 19-year-old Liam will soon follow in their footsteps as it's rumoured he's looking to move to the same area as Harry and Louis. Time to get your act together Niall!

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