Justin 'Boozy' Bieber? Underaged Star 'Photographed Playing Beer Pong'

Has the Biebs being secretly drinking?

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Justin 'Boozy' Bieber? Underaged Star 'Photographed Playing Beer Pong'
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Justin Bieber might claim to be a squeaky clean pop star but it seems the teen hunk has been a bit of a naughty boy as photos of the 'Boyfriend' singer have emerged of him – playing beer pong!

A photo of the 18-year-old, who is not old enough to drink in the US or Canada, has been posted on gossip site TMZ with claims it was taken a year and a half ago when the star would have been just 17.

While Biebs isn't technically drinking in the photos, taking part in a drinking games with friends doesn't look good. According to the website, the photos were either taken in Canada or Georgia with another claiming it to be Alabama in June this year which would still make the star underaged. The photo comes just weeks after the star was allegedly spotted drunk in Cananda, where the legal age for drinking is 19.

A source told StarzUncut.com that both Justin and his girlfriend Selena Gomez were drinking during the Toronto Film Festival where Selena's newest movie 'Spring Breakers' was premiered.

An eye-witness reportedly told the website: “They are party animals and both major light weights when it comes to drinking. Out here the drinking age is 19 and the Biebs is only 18 years old.

"I know Selena is 20 years old, was she really contributing to a minor? Later in the night Bieber was buzzed."

While many stars like to indulge JB has made it clear he is no drinker and according to Now magazine even has a sobriety contract with his management claiming that he won't drink.

“Justin's had a pledge drawn up by his attorney vowing not to touch alcohol until he turns 21 and gave it to his mum, copying in his mentor Usher,” an insider told Now magazine.

“He's always been allowed to come and go as he pleases, but he was worried that stories he's been seen drinking would prompt Pattie to clamp down.”

Looks like he might be getting a call from mum!

Justin and Selena Enjoy Night Out....

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