First Niall Horan, Then Simon Cowell! Demi Lovato Says She Would Never Date The Media Mogul

Even if he was 25 years-old...

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It appears that Demi Lovato is more than happy being single right now. Denying the reports for the umpteenth time that she is dating One Direction's Niall Horan, the X Factor USA judge also ruled out any sort of romance with her X Factor USA boss, Simon Cowell.

Appearing on The Jimmy Kimmel show, the star, who showed off her new blonde look, was asked by the host whether she would ever consider going out with Simon if he was 25. Remaining defiant, Demi answered no before explaining her reason.

"He parts his hair down the middle", she quipped.

The star, who told Teen Vogue that she and Niall are NOT dating: “He’s a really awesome, sweet guy. But he’s not my boyfriend", also admitted in the interview with the host that the media mogul, "shows more cleavage than I do...", before joking that "Simon has his shirt open 24/7. It's ridiculous."

Having been sparring with Simon on a number of occasions on the show, Demi admitted that behind-the-scenes, the pair get on really well.

She told the host: "When we're not on the panel, we do get along really well. He says the sign of being able to tease each other and being mean to each other is just a sign of comfortablility."

Asked about whether she felt any rivalry with American Idol, Demi replied:

"No, it's another TV show and at the end of the day it's about making someone's dream come true."

Demi shows off her sexy new look!

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Demi Lovato shows off new 'do, September 20 (Photos: Splash News)