Naked Prince Harry Photos Earn $23 Million For Las Vegas

Vegas officials hail Harry's penis as their 'hero'!

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When naked photos of Prince Harry frolicking in Las Vegas emerged earlier this year, everyone wanted to see them. Following what turned out to be a monumental instance of free wordwide publicity, Sin City has made roughly $23 million dollars!

Since Price Harry showed us how much fun there really is to be had in Las Vegas, it seems everyone wants a slice of the action.

According to The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, visitors are flocking to the holiday destination synonymous with hedonistic pleasures of the night.

Harry infamously enjoyed a game of naked billiards in Sin City, leading to pictures of his naked bod being splashed across the internet worldwide. The scandal is said to be worth roughly $23 million dollars to Las Vegas, after reaching around 154 million people worldwide. So much for having a private life...

The LVCVA says it's unable to track exactly how much tourism has been generated due to the publicity, but Board Chairman Tom Collins is certainly grateful to the Prince!

He said at a recent board meeting: "God bless Prince Harry. He made us a bunch of money."

The LVCVA had launched an advertising campaign for the city earlier in the summer warning tourists to "know the code" ... i.e the well-known phrase, 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'.

Someone clearly broke the code when they shared pictures of the naked Prince with the world - now everyone's desperate to know what else goes on in 'The Capital of Second Chances'... including us!

154 million people couldn't stop Hazza enjoying his 29th birthday last month...

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