Will Kristen Stewart's Ambition Destroy Her Relationship With Robert Pattinson?

Reports suggest that Kristen would choose work over love

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Just when we thought things were back on track between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson we're hearing rumours that Kristen's blossoming career may be hindering her reconciliation with her long-term love.

An insider has hinted that Kristen's tenacious ambition could be getting in the way on any future plans with Rob. Despite seriously tested her relationship when she embarked on that now infamous affair with Rupert Sanders earlier this year, Rob soon forgave his girl after he let her stew.

Now though, Kristen seems to be testing Rob once again as a source claims that she may find it hard to keep any promises she has made to her man because she's "very ambitious".

The actress has reportedly told Robert she'd do anything to rekindle their romance, but it's been suggested her work might come first.

"Kristen's telling Rob she'll take some time off to be with him, but she's very ambitious - if a great role comes up, she'll find it hard to refuse. At the moment, they're focused on Twilight and Rob can keep her in his sights, but after that it will be tough," an insider told Heat magazine.

With her breakout from Twilight, 'On The Road' scoring mixed reviews, it sounds like Kristen might have to work hard to carve out a career for herself post Bella Swan, but with all that ambition she could prove the critics wrong.

Before any future films though, Robert and Kristen will promote the last Twilight movie 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' together next month with the pair expected to walk red carpets together- marking their first public outing as a twosome since news of the affair broke two months ago.

The very public reunion is said to have got poor Rob worried though, with him allegedly concerned about fans reactions: "He doesn't want to be seen as a pushover or get laughed at. Up until now he and Kristen haven't been on many dates," the souce adds.

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