Sean Penn Left 'Panting' Over Ex Madonna's Concert

The divorced couple clearly still friendly

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Sean Penn Left 'Panting' Over Ex Madonna's Concert
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Sean Penn was in the front row to watch his ex-wife Madonna at The Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday, and her racy show left him "breathless".

The pair have been divorced for over two decades but sparks fired during the concert as Madge powered through her chart topping hits.

And for Sean, it was like no time had passed since the end of the tumultous relationship.

"He was practically panting," reported Radar Online.

"Every time she thrusted or bent over, he was like 'Oh, man! I can't take this! She is too hot!'

Madonna is famous for her controversial and raunchy behaviour and it seems the 54 year old is just as daring as she was during her early years.

"At one point she stared Sean dead in the face, smiled, unzipped her pants, and mooned the crowd, but it was really like she was mooning Sean!"

"He laughed and clutched his chest like he was going to pass out. She was wearing a black lacey thong, and her butt looked perfect! So smooth and tight? like a 20-year-old's!"

Sean Penn and Madonna in 1986 film Shanghai Surprise (WENN)

The couple were married from 1985 to 1989 but their relationship proved rocky after the 52 year old actor caused the singer to go to hospital after he hit her on the head with a baseball bat. 

But it seems there's no bad blood between the former married couple. 

The actor reportedly visited Madonna's trailer after the show for what we can only imagine was a special reunion.

Madonna still looks hot for 54!

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