1D's Louis Tomlinson And Liam Payne Get Inked In Ireland Whilst Niall Horan (Almost) Gets A Butt Tattoo!

Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis all have matching inkings

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If Niall Horan isn't careful he could soon be ousted from One Direction- the rest of the boys have now all got matching tattoos to cement their friendship but the Irish charmer is the odd one out!

Louis Tomlinson tweeted earlier today (October 13) that he and Liam Payne got inked during their trip to Dublin this week, choosing a two screw design that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles already have on their bods.

Now the boys are calling on Niall to get in the tattooist's chair so the whole group has the same design. Tomlinson tweeted, "So Me and Liam joined the crew yesterday and got two screw tattoo's on our ankles, now we all have it except Niall! Come on NiallOfficial."

Is Niall scared of the needle? We're sure the boys would be there to hold his hand!

The boys are all big fans of tattoos with Harry in particular having numerous designs including a large star on his arm. As yet though, Niall hasn't joined in the craze. He admitted to nearly losing his tattoo virginity recently but there was a problem with his planned um butt inking!

"Harry and Zayn are going at it with the tattoos. They are covered now. Harry seems to have a different one every day. I was going to get a barcode on my wrist with my date of birth written across it. To be fair, I don't even know if I really wanted it, " Niall tells The Sun.

"I decided to get Made In Ireland in green on my a**e cheek and I went to the place in L.A. where they do it. Me and the boys went in and they said they wouldn't do it. They said: 'The skin on your a**e is too squidgy. It needs to be tight.'"

"I suspect they actually did me a favour. It wasn't the best idea in the world."

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