Taylor Swift: 'My Parents Didn't Want Me To Get Into The Music'

Reveals how she convinced her parents to help her with her music career...

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Taylor Swift: 'My Parents Didn't Want Me To Get Into The Music'
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Taylor Swift may be one of the most successful young female artists in the industry today, but she recently revealed that it took all of her efforts to convince her parents that she was destined to be a singer...

In fact, in an interview with Marie Claire, the gorgeous 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer explained that her parents had absolutely no desire for their daughter to become a musician:

"My parents were thrown into this - they never had any desire for me to do music."

Luckily for Taylor Swift fans everywhere, the singer managed to persuade Ma and Pa Swift to change their minds - with a careful program of constant irritation:

"I was just constant, non-stop annoying, perpetually bringing it up. My parents saw that I was so obsessed, that I wasn't going to drop it, that it wasn't some adolescent phase."

Nowadays, things are very different; her father acts as her financial adviser, helping Taylor Swift to figure out where best to invest her millions, and her mum offers up marketing advice:

"My mom has a great marketing mind - she always has a good gut instinct on things."

It all seems to have paid off - all you have to do is look at Taylor Swift's plethora of music awards to realise that she was destined to be a singer. We bet her parent are glad that their daughter was so headstrong!

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