Leona Lewis Recorded Rihanna's 'We Found Love' First: 'My Version Is Better'


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Leona Lewis Recorded Rihanna's 'We Found Love' First: 'My Version Is Better'
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Leona Lewis has revealed that she originally recorded Rihanna's hit 'We Found Love'.

The star, whose new album Glassheart is out tomorrow (October 15), worked with producer Calvin Harris on the song, but claims it was given to the Bajan star when she refused to release it as the lead single from the LP.

Rihanna has done well with hits intended for other artists. It has long been rumoured that 'Umbrella' was originally intended for Britney Spears, and that 'SOS' was meant to be a big comeback hit for Christina Millian. Harris has previously said that 'We Found Love' was offered to other singers before it was eventually released by RiRi.

Leona told the Daily Star: "I worked with Calvin and we recorded 'We Found Love' but he went touring with Rihanna and she ended up releasing it.

"I didn't commit to it because I wanted 'Trouble' to be my first single, so I think that was another reason they went with Rihanna. It was the same version and production but mine's better."

The song sold 6.5 million copies worldwide and also picked up near-universal acclaim from pop critics.

Leona continued: "I still have the recording but I'd never leak it. That's so unprofessional.

"There are so many songs I've recorded, only to hear other people singing them. It happens all the time. It was a bit annoying to see how big a hit it was around the world but if I'd released it maybe it wouldn't have done as well."

Leona's new single 'Trouble' is expected to chart in the Top 10 today.

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