Daniel Craig: 'Skyfall' Sequel Won't Take Too Long

Says the gap between 'Quantum of Solace' and new film was too big

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James Bond fans have been waiting for four years for 'Skyfall', the follow-up to 'Quantum of Solace'... but Daniel Craig doesn't expect the wait for the next entry in the franchise will be anywhere near as long.

The actor, returning for his third outing as 007 in the latest instalment, told MTV News that, while nothing is certain, he does think that producers agree there won't be another big gap.

Daniel Craig as James Bond (poster image)

Probed on the matter, he said: "Ask the producers. I don't know. I think they'd like to [speed up the timetable], and I think that would be the plan. That was too long last time, although I quite enjoyed the gap, but it's too long.

"As long as we've got the script and we're ready to go, there's no reason why we can't start shooting."

'Skyfall' has achieved positive reviews from most critics and is out in the UK on October 26.

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