Taylor Swift Charms The Kennedy Family, But Is She More Interested In Ethel Or Conor?

Singer reportedly asked permission to date Conor and keeps Ethel updated on their romance

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Taylor Swift Charms The Kennedy Family, But Is She More Interested In Ethel Or Conor?
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Taylor Swift might have claimed 18 year-old boyfriend Conor Kennedy is a “grown man” after suggestions the star had “kidnapped” him after she sent a private jet to bring the teen to her, but how “manly” is it that the singer asked his grandmother, Ethel Kennedy for permission to date him?

According to the New York Daily News, the Kennedy matriarch, who Taylor was a great admirer of before her romance with the teenager, is reportedly heavily involved in her grandson's relationship, with the Red singer apologising for any problems their romance has caused the family and asking the 82-year-old if she could date Conor in the first place.

The source explained: “Taylor is enthralled with Ethel and has been for a long time,”

“When she and Conor first got together, Taylor couldn't have been more respectful [to Ethel].”

Clearly it worked as despite not being present at the premiere of a new HBO documentary about Ethel, with Conor centre stage on the red carpet the Kennedy, Swift romance was all anyone was talking about.

Looks like Taylor's attempt to get in with the family have worked, with Rory Kennedy, Conor's aunt, gushing about the pretty blonde.

She told People magazine earlier this week: "She's wonderful, we're all so happy that she's our neighbor in Hyannis Port. She came up several weekends this summer and she was a complete participant in every single thing with our large and active family."

She added: "We're jumping off the boat to swim to the break walls, holding everybody's hands and jumping, singing, dancing, laughing, drawing pictures with everybody from the 2-year-old to my mother.

"[Taylor] is a light. And she's a star in our family because she is a lovely, sweet, fabulous human being."

Well with news that Taylor has bought a house in Hyannis Port, near the Kennedy compound it's a good job she's popular with the family!

The Kennedys Gather For Premiere Of Ethel In New York

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Conor Kennedy is the star attraction at the premiere of HBO Documentary Ethel, in New York, Oct 15 (WENN)