Is It Harry Styles? Nick Grimshaw 'Pranking On Gay Date App Grindr With BFF'

Sends 'hilarious' pictures and comments about squirrels...

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Is It Harry Styles? Nick Grimshaw 'Pranking On Gay Date App Grindr With BFF'
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Nick Grimshaw has revealed his saucy habit of pranking users on gay dating app Grindr at work, with his best friend joining in too.

The 28 year-old reportedly delights in sending strange messages and pictures to users in the same room and then sniggering at their confused reactions.

The new Radio 1 breakfast presenter revealed his naughty antics at this week's Attitude Magazine Awards, reportedly telling The Metro: “Whenever we’re on shoots and stuff, me and my best friend turn [Grindr] on using random pictures and start message people in the room.

“We message them weird shit like ‘Nice squirrels’. It’s hilarious watching their confused faces from the other side of the room.”

While the star doesn't name who his “best friend” is we all know he's pretty much inseparable from One Direction hunk Harry Styles, so could he be Nick's Grindr partner in crime?

Nick has previously claimed the pair get on so well because of their shared sense of humour and Northern roots

"We do all sorts together," he told Heat magazine, "They're not really average nights out - they've all sort of been unplanned and fun!"

"We're both Northern and we get on well because we've got a similar sense of humour."

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