Star Trek Fans Tie The Knot In UK's First 'Klingon' Wedding

Travelled from Sweden to London for ceremony at convention

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Star Trek Fans Tie The Knot In UK's First 'Klingon' Wedding
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Two Star Trek fans have exchanged wedding vows in what is thought to be the country's first Klingon wedding.

Josefin Sockertopp, 23, and 29-year-old Sonnie Gustavsson travelled from Sweden to London to tie the knot at the first official Star Trek convention in the UK for over a decade.

BBC News reports that they married at London's ExCel Centre in full Kingon costume, swearing to unite againt all their opponents.

Gustavsson said: "I've been a fan of Star Trek since I was little. The Klingons are strong characters and they bond together. The ceremony was really fun."

Sockertopp added that she wasn't even a fan of the show until meeting her new husband.

"I hadn't seen Star Trek until I met him. He introduced me to it and it was really good," she said. "The ceremony was his idea. I thought about it a lot and then I said 'let's do it'.

"It's a once in a life time thing."

Would you ever marry in a special ceremony like the one Josefin and Sonnie used?

Pics from the Star Trek movie premiere

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