REVIEW: Homeland - Brody Strikes Again

Brody dispatches a link to his past in grisly fashion, whilst Saul continues to find his true identity.

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REVIEW: Homeland - Brody Strikes Again
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After a fantastic cliffhanger last week, all Homeland fans eagerly waited to discover what would happen tonight, after Saul’s discovery of Brody’s jihadist video last week . It seemed that this would be a dominant plot thread tonight, but surprisingly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, we got a quick nod to it in the episode’s opening moments, but other than that it seemed like a master class in the art of the “McGuffin” technique as it faded into apparent irrelevance.

Instead, we saw Brody receive a tip off from Roya, warning him that the CIA were hot on the case on the tailor responsible for making his suicide vest. Of course, this would prove a massive blow to Brody’s political ambitions and tonight we were treated to a real expose of Brody’s dark side as he set about silencing the tailor, eventually resulting in Brody triumphing in a truly grisly fashion.

Yet, he didn’t bet on Jessica calling him as he set about disposing of the tailor and as he returned home, it soon became apparent that she refused to accept his excuse of a flat tire for his absence at a political fundraiser that was occurring at the same time.

Slowly but surely, time is running out for Damien Lewis’ shadowy protagonist and the episode’s climax was as striking as ever, as Saul showed the Jihadist video to Carrie.

Carrie’s previously dismissed fears about Brody are now believed and the weight of the CIA will soon be against Nicholas. Homeland is exhilarating, unpredictable and quite possibly the best thing on TV at the moment, long may Brody’s oh so 21st century villainy continue.

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