Robert De Niro: 'Leonardo DiCaprio Has Replaced Me In Movies'

De Niro says he has more experience of giving out awards these days

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Robert De Niro called out Leonardo DiCaprio at the Hollywood Film Awards last night for replacing him in the movie world.

And the 'Raging Bull' star does seem to have a point, while once he would've been guaranteed a prime berth in any of Martin Scorsese's projects, now it's Leo who gets the nod, starring in 'Gangs of New York', 'The Aviator', 'The Departed', 'Shutter Island' and now 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

According to E! the star told the ceremony: "What mostly gets me here is to present awards to other people," he continued to the crowd at the Beverly Hilton Ballroom: "I've handed out Oscars to Sean Penn, Eli Wallach [and] Francis Coppola. I've honored Meryl Streep at the Kennedy Center. I've handed out about a half dozen lifetime achievement awards to Marty Scorsese, from the BAFTA to the Golden Globes."

To laughs though he called out DiCaprio by saying: "So even though [Leonardo] DiCaprio has taken my place in Marty's movies, I'm apparently the go-to guy in handing out the hardware,"

Yet anyone thinking that the 'Goodfellas' and 'Godfather Part II' actor is washed up should take one look at why he was at the Awards ceremony. The star was picking up a Best Supporting Actor for his role in the new film 'Silver Linings Playbook' alongside Best Supporting Actor winner Bradley Cooper.

On receiving the award he humbly observed: "I've gotten pretty good at giving out awards but frankly I've gotten out of practice accepting an award myself," he added: "It's been a while except for getting that medal from the Irish American League when they couldn't get Liam Neeson."

David O. Russell was honoured with the director's prize for the movie which follows two mentally troubled individuals as they try to rebuild their lives.

Also starring is Jennifer Lawrence who's an early Oscar favourite for her role.

Of Lawrence De Niro said: "I know that soon I will be presenting her awards, too. It's what I do."

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