Ladies Beware When Russell Brand's Around No One Is Safe

Russell Brand continues to show he's best of British by spreading his love the otherside of the Atlantic

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Ladies Beware When Russell Brand's Around No One Is Safe
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Notorious ladies’ man, comedian and all round cheeky chap Russell Brand has once again been swooning the ladies, this time with Glee Star Jane Lynch at the receiving end.

While both appearing on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno', Russell greeted Jane with a peck on the lips. 'The Rock of Ages' actor then joked: "That kiss on the mouth has taken our relationship to the next level."

Jane, who married her wife Dr Lara Embry in 2010, responded: "You have really nice teeth for a British person”, with Brand going on to say: "You've got nice lips for a Yank."

The picture was posted on Jay Leno’s official Facebook page before the show went to air to give the viewers a taster of what was to come. The image was with the caption "This is happening tonight… and it's magical. Oh yes, it is magical.

Glee star Lynch appeared on The Tonight Show to talk about new animated movie 'Wreck-It Ralph', while Brand was promoting his new FX comedy show 'Brand X'.

During the interview Brand also re-laid a story to Jay Leno about his wardrobe malfunction minutes before going on stage at the 'London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony': "Well, I enjoyed the bit where it was all the running, the jumping, the skipping, the skylarking, the hullabaloo, the competitiveness, the beads of sweat, that was all lovely, But when it came to that bit that I had to do... just before I went on stage in that I thought - once they said 'Do you wanna be in the Olympics?' - On some level, I thought, 'I'm an athlete now'.

"So, before I did [my song], I did some limbering up, exercises, but because I don't know how to limber up properly, 'cause I'm not really an athlete, I did it badly... one minute before I had to go on top of that bus... I heard this [ripping] noise, like that, and my trousers tore - a significant distance - and at that point, someone said, 'Right! Get on top of the bus!'"

Brand explained that he was offered Scotch tape to fix his trousers, observing: "If Scotch tape bends or folds, it creates these horrible, sharp jagged edges. It was like a prison weapon!"

There rumours of Russell spreading his love all over the place since his divorce with ‘Wide Awake’ singer Katy Perry (currently dating John Mayer), from Isabella Brewster, and even romancing Geri Halliwell after his stint at the 'Olympic Closing Ceremony', watch out Jane he’s coming for you!

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