‘I F***ing Hated It’: Matthew Fox Talks ‘Alex Cross’ Weight Loss

Former Lost actor dropped 44lbs for the role…

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‘I F***ing Hated It’: Matthew Fox Talks ‘Alex Cross’ Weight Loss
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If you’re an actor worth your own salt, you’ve either gained or lost weight for a dramatic role, just as Matthew McConaughey, Renee Zellweger or Christian Bale, and now Matthew Fox has talked about dropping a huge 44lbs for his role in Alex Cross.

The Lost actor, who stars as a cage-fighting serial killer in the new movie, lost the weight to get the wiry look needed for the role.

But in an interview with Men’s Health, the 46-year-old has opened up about the demanding training regime and strict diet that he had to take on for the role.

"When I read the part, it felt immediately that my character [serial killer Picasso] is burning energy on almost a hyper level.

"Without needing to spend any time in the gym he would just look like that... almost disturbingly vascular and tendony, and f**king just... weird. That would come from an enormous amount of energy burning inside this guy."

Fox ate a diet of chicken breasts accompanied by steamed broccoli and protein shakes, and he didn’t enjoy it.

"If I'm honest, sometimes I f**king hated it. I guess if you removed the 'result' part of it then I can't say I enjoyed it."

But while the intensity of his gym routine and diet was at times too much for the actor, seeing pictures of himself in the press made his efforts worthwhile.

"I opened it up and was like, 'Holy s**t'. I could hardly even believe it was me. But it was exactly what I wanted to look like,” they said.

‘Alex Cross’ is set for release on November 30 in the UK.

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