Robbie Williams Thanks Elton John For Getting Him Through Drink And Drug Addictions

Take That star said Sir Elton was the only one who understood him

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Robbie Williams Thanks Elton John For Getting Him Through Drink And Drug Addictions
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Robbie Williams has Sir Elton John to thank for beating his drink and drug addictions as the Take That star admits the music icon was the only one who really understood him during his troubled past.

Robbie has revealed that he hit rock bottom several times in his Take That heyday. The star does admit though that he wishes his bad boy phase had come later in his life. Robbie was just 16 when he joined the boy band in 1990, just three years later he says he had to accept he was "out of control:"

''I regret that it was all over so fast. I regret the fact I was 19 when I realised I was out of control." Robbie tells Shortlist Magazine.

''I regret the fact I wasn't 29 or 30 when it happened and I'd spolodged my way around the world in some sort of alcoholic drug stupor. I spent most of my 20s sober.''

The star may still have some nostalgia for his naughty habits but the 38-year-old new dad does admit that he was at rock bottom:

''Many times during my 20s and a short period in my 30s [I hit rock bottom]. In my 20s I was like, 'This is f***ing horrendous' but I didn't think I was going to die."

''The short period in my 30s I thought, 'I'm just about to die and I don't care.' In fact, it would have been a relief. But that's where you're f***ing head goes when you're taking loads of things you shouldn't be taking."

Robbie, who is now happily married, reveals that it was former addict and fellow musician Sir Elton John who helped him through:

''The only person I knew who understood anything about it was Elton John. After a big bender it'd be [calling] 'Elton'. How weird is that, when the only person you know can help you is Elton John?''

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