Kate Middleton 'Doesn't Do Anything For Sales,' Say Whistles

Didn't your website crash because of her?

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She's been dubbed with having the 'Kate effect' what with her abnormal ability to influence the public on fashion with her ever pristine appearances and mash ups of designer and high-street creations, so the Duchess of Cambridge must be sending sales through the roof, right?

Actually, prior to the previous reports where it had emerged that Kate Middleton had helped put British brands on the map as well as doing wonders for their sales, what with every outfit she wears selling out in hours, this isn't always the case.

Whistles' chief executive, Jane Sherperdson, told the Business of Fashion that the Duchess' impact on actual sales is not as colossal as we'd like to think.

And despite Kate choosing to wear Whistles for her engagement photos as well as the Jubilee Concert, Olympics Closing Ceremony and during her LA tour, where dresses sold out within minutes and websites crashed and a huge ruckus was caused, the UK brand isn't raking it in when it comes to current sales.

Kate recently wore a Whistles dress underneath a plum coat in Newcastle - Splash

But this all comes down to Kate's sometimes thrifty ways, opting for recycled garments in which the public can't get their mitts on. Sherperdson said: ''She wore a blouse [in the royal engagement photos] which was actually from a few seasons ago, which we weren’t running.''

''So in that instance, it raised profile certainly, but it didn’t do anything for sales,'' she explained.

And of the current designs that Kate has worn, Jane didn't seem too convinced that the DOC had helped their brand on a huge scale.

She went on: ''I suppose the biggest impact has been on a dress she wore at the [Olympic] Closing Ceremony.''

Kate also wore a printed silk Whistles dress to the Olympics Closing Ceremony - Wenn

''It’s a style that’s been very successful for us anyway — a printed silk dress. That weekend, we sold out of it. Well, of what we had... I couldn’t say it lifted our total sales by 50 percent that week, because it didn’t','' she continued.

So when it comes to the ever impressive 'Kate effect,' it looks as though the Duchess' economy saving tactics have been slightly exaggerated to the public.

After all, Sherperdson points out that while Whistles may have sold out of the 'Bella' dress after Kate wore it, there were only 150 available in the first place, so it's not too surprising that it sold out straight away.

The brand's executive wasn't short of showing her appreciation of the royal seal of approval, however, adding: ''It raises profile, it’s great, we get known in countries we’re not known in.''

''But it’s not going to turn us into a success overnight because she wears it. Fortunately, she looks great in it and it’s a great advert, but no more than that.''

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The Duchess of Cambridge greets crowds in Newcastle, October 10 (WENN)