X Factor's Union J Shrug Off One Direction Comparisons: 'We're Like Maroon 5'

Will they be such a hit?

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X Factor's Union J Shrug Off One Direction Comparisons: 'We're Like Maroon 5'
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X Factor hopefuls Union J clearly have a lot of ambition as they have compared themselves to pop-rock band Maroon 5.

The foursome have often been compared to X Factor alumni One Direction and while they may bear some resemblance to their rival boyband, it seems Union J are getting inspiration from elsewhere.

When quizzed about the comparisons between them and 'Little Things' hitmakers One D, Union J member Josh Cuthbert appeared less than impressed and shrugged off the similarities.

"Um, we’re a four-piece, they’re a five…No we do different music. We’re just different," Josh told Heat magazine.

"They’re very young-poppy. We’re a bit like Maroon 5."

"I’m not sure it’s possible to be any bigger than One Direction, but that would be amazing- that would be the dream," he added.

While Union J may not want to be associated with One D, Harry Styles recently said they - along with District 3 - are "really great and talented" acts.

Union J may not have to worry about the One D similarities for too long as One D revealed they are planning on taking a break from the group, similar to Take That.

"We want to be like Take That or Gary Barlow - take 10 years out, and then come back," Niall Horan told The Mirror.

Do you see the similarities between Maroon and Union J?

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Where it all began! The newly formed Union J at Louis' Judges Houses. L to R Jamie, George, Josh and Jaymi (WENN)