Is Ed Sheeran's New Tattoo A Declaration Of Love For Taylor Swift?

The singer isn't saying 'No' to the rumours...

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Is Ed Sheeran's New Tattoo A Declaration Of Love For Taylor Swift?
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Could there be a blossoming relationship between two of music’s favourite people, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift? There have been rumours circulating that they could be more than pals and writing partners.

It also seems that Ed Sheeran isn’t doing anything to dispel the rumours, either!

The singer, who already has a number of tattoos, has shown off a brand new inking inspired by the title and logo of Taylor’s new album, Red. Ed also collaborated on the album.

It seems the tattoo is a declaration of at least his friendship with the country singer. Taylor showed her admiration for Ed in the Daily Mail’s You magazine. She said: “Ed Sheeran and I wrote a duet called ‘Everything Has Changed’ while sitting on a trampoline in my back yard. It’s a lot easier than you think.

“We had one guitar, which we passed back and forth, and then we baked an apple pie, or rather my friends and I baked it and Ed watched and then ate it afterwards.

“His performance at the Olympic closing ceremony was incredible – I really think that was his big breakthrough moment in the US.”

The pair added to the speculation of a blossoming romance through Twitter. On Wednesday, Ed congratulated Taylor on the album. He wrote: “Congrats to @taylorswift13 for selling 1.2 million albums in a week, orrrrsssuuummmm” which was ‘swiftly’ retweeted by the star.

It also looks like they will be getting closer next year as Ed has been invited to play on her tour over 45 dates throughout the US. On Twitter he said: “Happy to announce that I am special guest on @taylorswift13’s tour of North America next year… gonna be bonks.”

Well we hope that ‘Everything Has Changed’ for the better with Ed and Taylor! We think they would make a great couple! What do you think?

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