Selena Gomez Loves Justin Bieber's Fans And Thinks BBF Taylor Swift Is 'Awesome'

Admits she gets Bieb's fans and adores how humble Taylor is

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Selena Gomez may be one of the biggest idols the world over, her beauty may have graced tons of glossy magazine - but the 20-year-old admits she is no different from the average girl who loves to spend time with her boyfriend and best friend - albeit hers just happens to be Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

In a interview with Glamour magazine, the 'Muppets' actress spoke on the two people closest to her and how she manages to spend time with her equally busy BF Biebs and BBF Taylor.

"I actually did talk to Taylor last week, and we were like, 'I don't even remember the last time I saw you," which is really unfortunate," she said.

"But if it gets too dire, I fly to Taylor or I fly home or I fly to Justin."

Gushing over her girl pal, Selena admitted her favourite attribute of the country singer is her ability to stay grounded despite being a megastar.

"Taylor's amazing. She's so smart and sweet and humble — and she's way more successful than I am! So when I see her after everything she's been through and she just wants to go home and bake cookies with me, that to me is awesome."

The 'Muppets' actress also confessed to having a very big place in her heart for Justin Bieber's fans, admitting she "adores" them just as much as the 'Boyfriend' singer.

"I adore his fans," she said. "I would never, ever want to disrespect them. You know, I get it: I was obsessed with Jesse McCartney growing up…So I respect it, and if anything, I admire it."

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