Demi Moore To Check Eldest Daughter Rumer Willis Into Rehab Due To 'Drinking Problem'?

The pair have only just put their differences aside...

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Demi Moore may have only just been reunited with her eldest daughter Rumer Willis, but it seems like she may already be well on the way to causing another rift, as she's now apparently worried that her daughter may have a drinking problem and is even considering checking her into rehab.

According to Star magazine, Rumer was recently spotted guzzling a bottle of champagne whilst partying with pals in Cancun, Mexico and the drinking doesn't stop there!

An alleged family friend said, “Rumer’s partying is getting so out of control, Demi and other loved ones are very concerned that she could reach the point where she needs help, just like her mom did.”

The insider also claims, “Her life basically consists of sleeping, then going out to hang and drink in bars and clubs, where she’s happiest.”

Demi and Rumer have only just set aside their rumoured differences, thanks to her daughter's boyfriend Jayson Blair...

“Jayson has been telling Rumer for ages that she needed to forgive her mom and move on,” a close friend reportedly told Star magazine, according to RadarOnline.

Adding, “She finally gave in and made the call.”

“He knew that deep down Rumer really missed her mother and wasn’t going to be happy until they made up,” the source continued.

According to the magazine, the pair met up in September where they settled their differences in a tearful reunion.

Let's hope the rehab accusations don't cause yet another rift so soon...

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