Nicki Minaj Discusses Justin Bieber's 'Little' Penis

'He couldn't feel me through that big poufy skirt. His little thing? No'

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Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj's video for hit single 'Beauty and the Beat' features some serious bump'n'grind action... but asked by Alan Carr if Justin got a bit too close, NIcki replied that she wouldn't know - she wouldn't be able to feel his 'little thing' anyway!

The chat show host is notorious for eking out saucy comments from his guests, asking outrageous questions and charming them into giving him great anecdotes, often about fellow celebs.

Speaking to Nicki Minaj on his 'Chatty Man' show last night, Alan cheekily asked if there's been any funny business with Bieber on set for the video shoot, during which the youngster gyrates behind Nicki looking pretty intense.

NIcki was quick to shoot Alan down, shaking her head and denying anything dodgey went down. She quipped that if Justin had been trying it on with her, she wouldn'thave even noticed!

She laughed: “No, he couldn’t even feel me through that big poufy skirt. His little thing…no.”

Don't think Selena Gomez would be happy to hear Nicki trash talk her boyfriend like that - the rapper's lyrics on the track say she should watch out for Selena Gomez… she's going to have to now!

Justin Bieber was sued in October for allegedly stealing a credit card to pay for a penis enlargement, according to TMZ. It’s been reported that the man pressing charges claims to be the biological father of both Justin and Selena!

The ludicrous lawsuit adds that the 18-year-old singer used the stolen card to buy a large amount of cocaine for himself and P Diddy.

The unnamed man from Michigan, America, says Bieber “gave Selena a STD and... Bieber also got a penis enlargement with my stolen American Express card.”

We're sayin' nothing!

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