Taylor Swift Relies On Her Momager Mother To 'Drive Her Career'

The star's mum is very protective of the 'Taylor Swift brand'

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Taylor Swift may have an extremely successful career, but it's now been revealed that the driving force behind her success is her mother, Andrea, who insiders have said 'you do not want to cross'. Oo-er!

The country star's mum is constantly present throughout Taylor's showbiz shenanigans and it's now been revealed that it is in fact Mrs Swift who influences Taylor's life and practically dictated her career.

"You do not want to cross Andrea Swift," an insider revealed to Grazia.

"Taylor is sweet but I always feel that she's quite aloof. Andrea is very present though! If she isn't happy, she's going to say something."

According to reports, Taylor's mother has also trained her daughter to 'present herself with poise', that's not normally seen on somebody so young and is also VERY protective of preserving the whole 'Taylor Swift' brand.

Ooo, the term momager spring to mind, anyone?

And although Taylor's mum may conduct her day to day lifestyle, T- Swift is still extremely wise and is able to 'learn the hard way', especially when it comes to love and relationships.

In an interview with Boston's NPR, Taylor said: "That's the thing with love: It's going to be wrong until it's right. So you experience these different shades of wrong, and you miss the good things about those people, and you regret not seeing the red flags for the bad things about those people, but it's all a learning process."

Adding, "And being 22, you're kind of in a crash course with love and life and lessons and learning the hard way, and thankfully, I've been able to write about those emotions as they've affected me."

And the country singer isn't bothered about letting the person know that the song's that she sings are about them, it seems.

Taylor continued, "The first thing that I think about when I'm writing my lyrics is directly communicating with the person the song is about. I think what I've learned recently is that it's not ... heartbreak that inspires my songs. It's not love that inspires my songs. It's individual people that come into my life."

Andrea Swift has definitely done a good job...don't you think?

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