Downton Abbey: Last Episode In The Series Introduces New Character Rose

The final episode of series three brings new arrivals, imminent departures and an upstairs v. downstairs cricket match

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Downton Abbey: Last Episode In The Series Introduces New Character Rose
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The final episode begins with Thomas being told to leave due to his ‘indecent liaison’ with Jimmy. Carson is incredibly rude and conservative about the ‘incident’ and asks him to leave as soon as possible.

The nasty Miss O’Brien’s indulges in some scheming and plants seeds of doubt in Jimmy’s mind. She tells the impressionable footman that people will think he is ‘one of them’ unless he reports Thomas. Jimmy threatens to tell the police about the incident unless Carson makes Thomas leave without a reference, which is all part of Mrs O’Brien’s evil plan, of course.

Tension arises between Bates and Thomas because Bates is taking back his old job. However oddly enough Bates takes pity on Thomas’ pitiful situation and comes up with a plan to help him out, the details of which we find out later…

In happier news, Bates and Anna have moved into a delightful new cottage and are playing at domestic bliss decorating their new home. Aaah, they deserve it.

Meanwhile Rose the new girl arrives on the Downton scene. The Dowager Countess’ niece plans to accompany Edith to London, as she loves the high life of the city.

Whilst in London Rose escapes when Edith lets her out of her sight. Her taxi driver informs the family that he was sat outside Warwick Square for two hours while she met with a gentleman, and after that he dropped her at a jazz club- oh the scandal!!! The Jazz club is delightfully described by Matthew as the ‘outer circle of Dante’s inferno’!

So it turns out that Rose is quite the saucy minx, she is dallying with a married man. Matthew makes a bargain and proposes that he keeps her affair quiet, if she nips it in the bud. Poor old Rose is sent to Scotland, but will she pop up again in the next series?

The next day Edith gets rip roaring praise from her editor and they indulge in a bit of flirting. It doesn’t seem that it’s the end of the love line for Edith just yet then…

In other romantic news, it is revealed Matthew doesn’t have a problem conceiving, it has been Mary all along. Mary has had an operation, er, ‘downstairs’, on the sly. This definitely explains the reason why she has been keeping Matthew at arm’s length.

After hearing the business plans for the estate, once again Robert Crawley is offended by Branson and Matthew’s proposals. It is a constant battle between gradual and sudden change. Who will win in the end?

Miss O’Brien is called to Bates and Anna’s house. Bates indulges in a bit of blackmailing and whispers a dark secret that he knows concerning Miss O Brien into her ear. ‘What is it?’ the whole nation screams at their TV screens! Is it the time that she was the cause of Lady Crawley’s miscarriage with the soap? The blackmailing produces its desired effects and Miss O’Brien persuades Jimmy to change his story.

Edith is rather taken aback by finding out that her editor is married. However there are circumstances, his wife is in a mental asylum and a divorce cannot be granted. It looks like we might be seeing a bit of him in the next series as well then.

Lord Crawley finally comes to terms with Bransons and Matthew's big plans for the estate, but on one condition, that Branson plays on the cricket team!

The drama all kicks off at the cricket. The police come to pick up Thomas, after Alfred has complained about what he saw between Thomas and Jimmy. Luckily Lord Crawley saves the day and persuades Alfred to claim he was ‘a bit squiffy on cider’ when he made the call to the police! Hurrah!

Actually double hurrah! As it is revealed that Branson won’t leave Downton until baby Syb is a bit older.

So all’s well that ends well, finally a happy ending, and that is why we love Downton Abbey! Come back soon Downton...

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