Sharon Osbourne Reveals Leaking Breast Implants Influenced Her Decision To Have Double Masectomy

Admits she took drastic action when she learned of the news

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Sharon Osbourne has recently revealed her desicion to have both her breasts removed in a double masectomy earlier this year was a "no brainer".

The outspoken Osbourne matriarch opened up about the invasive 13-hour operation to Hello! magazine, admitting that her decision was sealed after she found out her breast implants had begun to leaked inside her.

"When I went in to see my surgeon about the leaky breast implant, he told me that my leak was so bad that it had leaked into my stomach wall. It was a mess," the mother-of-three confessed.

The former X Factor judge, who had previously been diagnosed with a rare cancer gene, felt it was necessary to eliminate all risks not just for her but her families' peace of mind.

"When I was talking to him I made the decision there and then to have not just the implants removed but both breasts as well. I said: "Just take everything off."'

Sharon also revealed to the monthly magazine her newly formed breats are "very small" after undergoing reconstructive surgery.

"When you carry the breast cancer gene, you have to have mammograms every six months, and it's almost as though you have a ticking time bomb inside you," Sharon added.

"I didn't want to live under that cloud - worrying every time I felt a tiny lump and counting down the days until the next mammogram."

Sharon and her family...

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