Dawn French Reveals Two Stone Weight Gain, After Dramatic Weight Loss

Vicar Of Dibley star shed seven-and-a-half-stone after ditching carbs and treats…

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Dawn French Reveals Two Stone Weight Gain, After Dramatic Weight Loss
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Dawn French stunned us all when she was in the headlines, not for having split with husband Lenny Henry, but for having lost a whopping seven and a half stone.

The actress, who was 19 stone at her peak, put herself on a strict diet to lose weight and that included saying goodbye to chocolate and carbohydrates.

Now the 55-year-old has revealed that she’s put on two stone by enjoying bread, pasta and potates again but rather than crying into her pillow over the extra pounds on the scale, the comedienne says that she’s “perfectly happy”.

“I am perfectly happy with how I look and I always have been. I’ll always be a fat girl and I am happy with that,” she said.

It sounds as if Dawn has been enjoying herself since she started dating charity executive Mark Bignell. They have been a couple for nearly a year, and talking to Woman magazine, Dawn revealed that she started to put on weight after a romantic jaunt to Paris.

“I’ve lost seven-and-a-half stone since I started making an effort and recently put about two back on,” she explained.

“I lost the weight by denying myself quite a lot of things and recently I haven’t denied those things as much. Bread and pasta and potatoes are my weakness. I went to Paris recently and I wasn’t going to not eat bread!”

But, don’t expect to see Dawn balloon up back to her original size, as the actress has revealed that she has a healthier attitude to food.

“Generally I eat much more healthily and I eat less, probably half as much as I did before,” she explains. “I am very fond of this body – it’s served me well and it’s never disappointed me. I understand it, I know it and I even like it now it’s all saggy, it’s a mark of my journey this far.”

Good for you Dawn!

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