Heston Blumental's 'Fantastical Food' Goes Down A Treat With Foodies

Two million tuned in for debut show...

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Heston Blumental's 'Fantastical Food' Goes Down A Treat With Foodies
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Heston Blumenthal's Fantastical Food has gone down a treat with the Britsh audience as hoards tuned in to catch a glimpse of the top chef's new cooking programme last night.

Fantastical Food took a trip down memory lane as Heston recreated childhood favourites, including the world's largest boiled egg, giant cereal and a metre long sausage.

Pitted against Dara O Brian's Science Club on BBC2, Heston's debut cooking show took in an impressive 2 million viewers, while O Brian trailed behind with an audience of 1.5 million.

As part of the Channel 4 series, Heston will investigate the nation's obession with dunking biscuits into their tea, through multiple experiments, we wonder if the same two million will be tuning in for that!

Speaking to The Mirror, he said: “We were making huge digestive biscuits so we looked at the science behind dunking.

“For a lot of people this would be boring, but I got so excited and we went to Nottingham University.

“It was great fun and I think we going to publish a scientific paper out of it explaining why dunking is a good thing.”

You can catch Heston's tea experiment in episode three at 9pm on channel 4.

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