You're Wigan Me Out! Example Receives Death Threats After Slamming Town On Twitter

Twitter spat even featured on front page of local newspaper...

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You're Wigan Me Out! Example Receives Death Threats After Slamming Town On Twitter
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'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' rapper Example has got himself into a feud with the town of Wigan after claiming that the residents aren't friendly towards him, even sending him death threats.

The London-born rapper, who is usually outspoken and is on stranger to controversy, launched into a rant on Tuesday after he questioned why he apparently receives abuse from Wigan residents, which failed to impress some of his followers from the area.

"Tweeted earlier about how most abuse I get on twitter is from people in Wigan. Unsurprisingly this has resulted in more abuse... from Wigan," Example tweeted yesterday.

"Tomorrow morning I am live on the breakfast show with Wigan's Wish FM to be announced officially as a friend of Wigan. Can't wait."

"I've replied to approximately 87 people from Wigan today. More than the Mayor Of Wigan. Is there even a mayor in Wigan?" he continued.

The 30-year-old then proceeded to inform his Twitter followers that some people were so offended by his comments about the northern town that they had sent him death threats.

"Had 3 death threats today. I must be doing something right," Example claimed.

Angered fans took to their Twitter in droves to blast the star, with one user named Rach Green writing: "@example I am from the town of wigan, consider this tweet more abuse, nothing less than u deserve, what u said was very ignorant and rude."

Kerrie Oliver made a joke about the spat, writing: "@example you know you've made it when you're on the front page of the Wigan Evening Post!!"

Example's Twitter rant had such an effect on the locals that the Wigan Evening Post even featured the story on the front page of the newspaper under the headline: "Bad Example."

"Wigan was left stunned after a rap star blasted the town on Twitter. Example caused widespread anger among locals," the publication reports.

The 'Say Nothing' hitmaker shared a photo of the front page along with the caption: "After receiving multiple death threats from Wigan last week this happens."

This isn't the first time Example has been subjected to death threats. He recently told us that a Twitter user once threatened to set him on fire.

"Someone tweeted me and said that they were going to set fire to me outside my gig, some things that are said are just horrific but there are some odd people out there and you can’t do much about it," Example told Entertainmentwise last month.

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