The Wanted's Max George: 'Michelle Keegan Is Beautiful Inside And Out'

Heartthrob says its a 'load of b******s'...

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Max George has denied rumours his relationship with Michelle Keegan ended badly, claiming that while the couple are no longer in touch, she's still “beautiful inside and out”.

The Wanted star split from his Coronation Street fiance earlier this year after just over a year together. Gorgeous Max had spent most of the year in the US, with the couple confirming in July they had gone their separate ways after finding it difficult to juggle their work commitments and a relationship.

Since the split the 'Glad You Came' star has been accused of cheating on Michelle with his ex-girlfriend Bobbi Aney and more recently that he had demanded the Corrie star return the engagement ring he proposed with in June 2011.

Speaking to Entertainmentwise, Max was happy to set the record straight: “There's nothing bad there.

“We're not so much in touch its just what happens with these things, sometimes you have to leave each other alone and let each other get on with it because it was a really serious relationship.”

Referring to the claims over the ring and that of his ex, the 24 year-old insisted: “That's a load of b******s I don't know where that came from, I literally have no idea and then the whole thing about my ex saying a load of s**t.”

Soon after the break up, Max's ex-Bobbi claimed he had been unfaithful to Michelle for a four month period in 2011.

She told The Mirror: “I knew it was wrong but the thrill of knowing he was with somebody so beautiful and still ­coming back to me was ­overpowering.”

“I would often say, ‘Max, you have a girlfriend and she’s gorgeous’. He would say, ‘I know, I know’ but then send me another text."

She went on: “Phone sex was natural between us. I could literally get it at the click of a finger. But he would also tell me I was the love of his life and that he would always love me.”

Speaking of the public break-up Max admitted he tried to keep a low-profile and insisted he parted with Michelle on good terms.

“I just kept my head down and carry on, I wish her all the best and I know she wishes me the best that's what I said last time I spoke to her.

“She's a lovely girl, beautiful inside and out, I don't think she'll ever change.”

Awh, we wonder if these two will get back together one day?

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