Kent To Be Taken Over By Zombies - And It's All Brad Pitt's Fault

Star reportedly filming 'World War Z' in Sandwich

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If you're thinking of Sandwich right now then you've probably skipped lunch, although if you're from Kent or a golf fan you may know it as a quiet South Coast town most famous for hosting British Open golf tournament every few years.

Yet now the deliciously named town is reportedly set to be overrun by zombies and it's all Brad Pitt's fault.

Well, pehaps not entirely, but Sandwich has reportedly become a location for Brad's new film 'World War Z' after he chose the town's Discovery Park as the ideal spot to reshoot scenes for the movie, which features Pitt trying to save the world from a zombie pandemic.

Kent Online reported that Pitt had arrived to film new scenes for the movie on October 30, and they stated that a spokesman for the park had confirmed that the site had been privately hired, but couldn't reveal any more details.

If the rumours are true, then it'll mark another milestone in Pitt's love affair with the UK, as he filmed earlier scenes from the movie in Glasgow and also spent the summer filming scenes from another project, Ridley Scott's 'The Counselor' in London.

The movie is made by Pitt's company Plan B Entertainment, and is set to be a post-apocalyptic horror that will see Pitt as a UN worker who has to try his utmost to save the world from the brain devouring terror that is zombifying the globe.

However when asked by the news website, the locals all seemed a bit non-plussed by Mr Pitt's likely presence amongst them, with the Mayor of Sandwich, Cllr Jeremy Watts saying: “It’s news to me. I’ve not heard anything about it - not a word," before adding: “I’m sometimes the last to hear anything, anyway.”

The manager of a local 5-star hotel, Tracy Marchant, was a little more bothered about Brad's prospective visit, aiming to give Angelina Jolie a run for her money when she said:“Brad Pitt’s staying in Sandwich? I’d better get my hair done then.” 

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