Joe Simpson And Wife Tina 'Fighting Over Divorce' As More Details From Male Escort Emerge

Couple announced split in September after 34-years together...

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Joe Simpson And Wife Tina 'Fighting Over Divorce' As More Details From Male Escort Emerge
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Tina Simpson and Joe Simpson's divorce is allegedly turning nasty after the 54 year-old appointed their close friend Steve Lee, the husband of his sister Sally, as his divorce lawyer.

The couple confirmed their divorce earlier this month, telling Entertainmentwise in a statement that it was an amicable split, but according to sources things are turning nasty.

“Tina doesn’t understand why Joe has dragged their close friends into their divorce proceedings,” a source told

“Joe, Tina, Steve and Sally all hung out together and Tina believed she was especially tight with Sally. Now, Tina doesn’t know what to believe, thinks she’s been stabbed in the back by all three and it’s left a bitter taste in her mouth.”

They explained: “Tina realises there’s a lot at stake in this divorce case, especially considering the financial earnings for her and Joe through their joint-management of Jessica and Ashlee."

The split has been especially difficult due to claims Joe was conducting secret homosexual affairs and even paid $600 for a night with a male escort, allegations that Joe has denied.

Joe Anderson, reportedly told the National Enqurier that he spent three hours with the 54 year-old in June: "He was aroused. I gave him oral, he gave me oral, he didn’t seem nervous at all and he wasn’t drunk.

"I want to say he had some experience before. I couldn’t have been the first one, because he got very into it.”

He went on to offer proof of their fling, insisting that he has text messages from the talent manager asking to set up a further meeting together, though they haven't been able to nail down a date.

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