Katie Price: 'I Don't Need Alex's Sex Dungeon, I've Got My Own'

She's on full, frank and shocking form

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There is only one person capable of shocking us as much as Alex, aka Mr "I've got a sex dungeon and go by Roxanne" Reid - and that's his ex, Katie Price.

Katie launched her new line of jewellery, KP Rocks, earlier today, and reportedly told Digital Spy "I don't need Alex's sex dungeon. I've got my own to worry about."

Last week, Alex's former fiancee Chantelle Houghton shared the story of Alex's sexual behaviour on Twitter. Katie also told Digital Spy: "I've actually been in contact with [Chantelle] behind closed doors and we've been discussing our own little things."

Katie won't be sending Alex any jewellery to wear as Roxanne as "it's too classy for him." She added that Alex was responsible for the worst gift any man had given her ("earrings and a necklace, it was so f***ing tacky, it was absolute cheap s***"), working out that he bought it "because it was Roxanne would wear."

She added "with Alex, you all know I don't lie, the truth always comes out and people will be like, she was right again.

"I'm sure the same thing will happen with Leo [Penna}. He's trying to sell stories. He hacked into our computer. But I know the truth. Let him slag me off. It goes back to the Gareth Gates days, when people were saying 'oh, she wishes she was with him' - then it was true. I said things about Alex - not in detail - and it's come true."

Katie also revealed that she has a court case pending involving ex Peter Andre. "The truth will come out again. Lucky I'm doing my book next year, because boy there's a lot going in that one!"

With a book, a new fragrance and all sorts of legal issues coming up, it's no wonder Katie has decided not to spend her energy pursuing a boyfriend. "I'm going to stay single. Unless they've got more than me to lose I am not interested. My new saying is 'I belong to me'."

The KP Rocks collection is available from Lemonade.

Check out the latest installment in the Alex and Chantelle drama here:

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Moving on- Chantelle Houghton was pictured packing up the Essex home she once shared with Alex Reid, October 2 2012 (Photo: WENN)