Jennifer Hudson Reveals Diet Tips For Christmas 2012

The singer-turned-actress has revealed the secret to her amazing weight loss...

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Jennifer Hudson Reveals Diet Tips For Christmas 2012

Jennifer Hudson, who has dazzled us with her gorgeously svelte new figure, has broken her silence on her diet and revealed her top tips for surviving Christmas 2012 WITHOUT putting any weight on.

The singer-turned-actress, who starred alongside Beyonce in hit film 'Dream Girls', explained to Redbook magazine that she is still "getting used to my new self" after her dramatic weight loss.

But Jennifer Hudson isn't worried about piling on the pounds again over the Christmas holidays, despite all the delicious food out on offer.


Jennifer Hudson strikes a pose

November 7 2012 (Splash News / Redbook)

And it's all thanks to the Weight Watchers diet...

"I just make sure I set aside the points for [Christmas dinner]"

It turns out that, luckily enough for Hudson, her favourite Christmas meal isn't exactly THAT threatening when it comes to her waistline either:

"I luck out, because my favourite meal is baked turkey wings, sweet potato fries and greens."

But, just as we were about to start comfort eating our jealousy away over Jennifer Hudson's amazing self-control, she let slip that there is ONE food item she can never resist - so much so that she's been forced to ban banana pudding from her home completely.

"It's the devil... So no one is allowed to bring it into my house. I can't control myself, so why put it in my domain?"

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