Colin Firth Worries About Exposing Himself At 'Gambit' Premiere

Star didn't want to let his legs be seen in new movie, but Alan Rickman had no such qualms!

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Colin Firth was among the stars appearing at the world premiere of 'Gambit' last night in London, but it appears that despite looking dapper on the red carpet the star had worries on his mind about being filmed with his body on display in the new Coen Brothers movie.

The 52-year-old Oscar winner has a scene in the movie where he takes a walk through the Savoy Hotel wearing a shirt and little else in the comedy, and it seems that despite being a bit of a Hollywood heart throb he wasn't happy with even that modest amount of nudity on film.

Speaking on the Leicester Square red carpet on Wednesday night (November 7) Firth told BANG Showbiz: ''I did have a bit of leg anxiety at the time. It's one thing to basically drop everything, but just the trousers ... It's just not a look that's recommended for a gentleman - brogues, socks up to the knees, underpants!''

He was also full of praise for co-star Cameron Diaz, when he said of her and the scene: ''It's been fabulous she's the best at what she does. There were plenty of funny moments on set. [I mean], If you have to walk with your trousers off through the lobby of the Savoy Hotel...''

In the film Firth plays Harry Dean, an art expert who looks to steal of one of the world's richest men, one thing he needs for his plan to come to fruition however is a beautiful woman (Diaz), and as ever, things get complicated whenever a beautiful woman is involved.

One person who was more bold than Firth in the movie was 'Harry Potter' star Alan Rickman, who got totally naked in the film, and he was unabashed by nudity, saying: "You just have to get on with it, there's no choice, 'OK, right here we go!'''

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