Peaches Geldof: 'I Was Told I'd Never Have Children'

Socialite reveals baby Astala is a little miracle

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Peaches Geldof has captured our hearts since she became a Mum - and we love it when she fills up our Twitter feed with pictures of the gorgeous baby Astala. Peaches clearly loves parenthood - but she revealed to Elle magazine that it almost didn't happen.

She explained "I was really upset because I always knew I wanted kjids and then I was told I would need major intervention if that was going to happen."

Peaches experienced an ectopic pregnancy - a serious complication in which a baby develops outside the womb.

She said "I woke up in the night in the worst pain. It was like something was ripping me apart. I had no idea I was pregnant.

"I was taken to hospital and they discovered what it was. I was told if I had left it even three more days I would have died...I had to have an operation and the doctor told me he'd have to remove my fallopian tube. I was crying and begging him not to.

"When I woke up, he told me he'd saved the tube but it was badly damaged, and my chances of having kids had gone from slim to non existent."

Peaches explained that she was prepared to give up her dream. "I was thinking about freezing my eggs and all these things, but you just have to face hte idea you just won't have children."

Luckily Peaches gave birth to a healthy Astala, and is clearly an involved and adoring Mum. She recently spoke out about the difficulty of growing up with her own Mum, Paula Yates, who died tragically when Peaches was in her teens.

See Peaches and Astala enjoying some quality time in the park here:

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It's weird, isn't it? Peaches Geldof looks more panicked her than she did the day her baby son actually fell out of the pushchair... September 20 2012 (Splash News)