Dannii Minogue Reveals Weight Loss Confession

She uses her baby

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How does the gorgeous Dannii Minogue maintain her pretty much perfect physique? A personal trainer? Boot camp sessions? A crazy diet? No! She uses baby Ethan!

She told Lorraine Kelly: "I don't train or work out. I'm just lifting the baby - that's my weights workout.

Dannii also revealed that she's a big fan of Power Plate sessions, explaining to Hello magazine "for me, it's the quickest, easiest way to tone up and create a lean body."

She's also a fan of Australia's a2 milk, saying "it's been a huge success over there and it's coming over here...[it doesn't] upset your tummy, it's amazing."

Dannii is partnering up with Lorraine Kelly for the launch of her Little Black Dress diet, which Dannii is linking to her fashion label, Project D. She explained "It's going to be a lot of fun. It's not stressful, just tips and things. If they work for you and they're helpul, that's great. But I'm looking forward to the fitness - I don't do any fitness."

Well, whatever Dannii is doing is definitely working for her. But watch out if you see her near a nursery - she might try to use it as a gym!

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