Robert Pattinson: I Was Tempted To Play Edward Cullen Gay!

The star was inspired by hit show Will and Grace

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Robert Pattinson: I Was Tempted To Play Edward Cullen Gay!
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Teenage hearts broke all over the world as Robert Pattinson joked about his Twilight character Edward Cullen's sexuality during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

The actor and his co-star Taylor Lautner were on the show chatting about the latest and final installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Taylor was pointing out that all four of Stephanie Meyer's books have been turned into movies when R-Pattz explained he would be willing to sign up for another installment, if it had a twist.

"I was also thinking another way to do it would be to make it look like Will and Grace, where Edward turns gay," he joked.

In his version, despite being attracted to teen werewolf Jacob, Rob explained that his character Edward would still stay with Bella, "they raise the kid and everything."

If such an alternative were to arise it wouldn't be far out of the stars' comfort zone. In 2008, the 26-year-old performed gay love scenes with co-star Javier Beltran in Little Ashes. Fortunately, for fans Rob is straight in real life but, unfortunately, him and Kristen Stewart seem to be back on track.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits cinemas next Friday.

Robert Pattinson mingles with fans in New York


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Robert Pattinson greets fans outside the Today Show's studio in New York. (Splash News)