Is Beyonce and Jay-Z's Marriage On The Rocks?

Or was the Facebook rant a fake?

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Is Beyonce and Jay-Z's Marriage On The Rocks?
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Always the most loved-up looking couple, it breaks our hearts to think Beyoncé and Jay–Z's marriage might be on the rocks. Especially now they have their gorgeous baby girl Blue Ivy to consider.

But after an alleged Facebook rant on Friday, as reported by Media Take Out, fans have been left worrying the pair are heading for divorce.

The 31-year-old posted a cryptic message with lyrics from Lauryn Hill's break-up track on her private account so only friends and family could see.

While some sites are claiming the post was from Beyonce, GossipCop have contacted Beyonce's rep to reveal that the account was a fake.

“Like always, Media Take Out is a joke,” said the spokesperson.

The couple’s friend Kanye West also took to Twitter to dispell the rumours saying, "so f**kin’ full of sh*t!” Phew!!

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