One Direction's Louis Tomlinson 'Loves It' When Girlfriend Eleanor Calder Talks Politics

She's not just a pretty face...

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Although Eleanor Calder may be dating a member of one of the world's biggest boybands right now, she's definitely not just a pretty face and is currently studying politics at university, with BF Louis saying that he 'loves it when she talks about it'. Aw, young love!

Eleanor is currently living the student lifestyle at the University of Manchester and often has chats to Louis about the things she's learnt in lectures.

"She studies politics at university and when she sits and talks about that, I find it really attractive," Louis told Cosmopolitan magazine.

Adding, "I think it's important for both of you to have independence. I feel like if she didn't have that and wasn't striving for a good career, it'd be weird."

And although Eleanor may have it all - the brains AND the beauty, Louis isn't bothered about the fact that she may get swept off her feet at university by some hunky student.

"We both trust each other - I spend a lot of time out of the country on tour. She often flies out so I see her a lot," Louis told the mag.

"I think the key to a good relationship is being best friends too. I spend more time with her and the band than I do with anyone else. She's really great."

How cute?!

And just to make Louis even cuter (if that's possible...), the heart-throb has also revealed that he still gets starstruck, despite his celeb status.

Talking to Now magazine about James Corden's celeb filled wedding, Louis said: “Let me tell you, I got to that wedding and the place was stacked with celebrities, I just felt so out of place. I was quite nervous around everyone... before I got quite drunk...”

Isn't that what weddings are for, Louis?!

Louis & Eleanor sport matching outfits on recent night out

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Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson step out in matching purple in London, Oct 6 (Splash News)