Katie Price Reveals Agony After Being 'Rushed To Hospital' Following Fifth Boob Job

The star says she was left with a 'huge hole' under her breast

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Katie Price Reveals Agony After Being 'Rushed To Hospital' Following Fifth Boob Job
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Katie Price is no stranger than the world of plastic surgery, but she's now revealed how her addiction to the operating table left her in agony after she was rushed to hospital following her fifth boob job.

The Sun columnist has opened up about how she was rushed to A & E departments THREE times after a post-od wound became infected, even being referred to a cancer surgeon specialising in breast removals who did a scan on her condition.

Katie said that her nightmare began when she flew to Belgium for the operation, which she was warned would be a 'tricky procedure'. And the reality star had been at a party til late the night before, resulting in undergoing the surgery with little rest. Hardly ideal!

Later Kate then realised that her bandages were wet from a weeping infection, she wrote in the newspaper, with a 'huge hole' underneath her left breast.

The model and businesswoman said: “I was feeling so ill and feverish that my family called an ambulance and I was rushed to A&E. “They cleaned the wound and said they hoped it would heal with antibiotics. It didn’t and a surgeon told me that if the infection had spread, he would have to take my implants out.”

Luckily however, the infection did go down and the model showed off her latest body addition at the 'Skyfall' premiere recently.

She added: “I paid the price for the op but these boobs are the best I’ve ever had and I’m pleased. I did them for myself — no one else.”

And thank god for that, as if rumours are correct, Katie is set to head back to I'm A Celebrity this year and a dodgy implant is not what you need in the jungle.

Talking to The Mirror, Katie said: "I love I’m a Celebrity. I was thinking I’m the only one who’s done it two times. I would do it again, actually. I dunno why, but I would.”

As well as expressing her interest in returning to the show, the star also revealed that she's been on hand dishing out advice to I'm A Celeb contestant David Haye.

She added: "I spoke to David Haye the other day, he called me for some advice. I’m rooting for David.”

Who are you rooting for in this year's show?

Katie Price hits the red carpet

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